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RCP Inactive
  • The inactive status exempts a respiratory care practitioner (RCP), who is not currently practicing in Texas, from the registration fee.
  • An RCP on inactive status must still complete and submit a short annual registration.
  • A RCP with a currently active certificate may decide to obtain an “inactive” registration status.  Current regulations state that a RCP certificate may remain on an inactive status for no longer than 5 years.
  • Prior to requesting the change to an inactive status, please read the relevant board rule, Tex. Admin. Code, Sec. 186.8, regarding the inactive RCP certificate status. 
  • To be eligible for the inactive status, the certificate holder must not be under an investigation or otherwise have a restricted license.
  • A certificate holder who practices as a respiratory care practitioner in Texas while on inactive status is considered to be practicing without a certificate.
  • A respiratory care practitioner may return to active status by:
    • applying to the advisory board (using the online RCP application process),
    • paying an application fee equal to an application fee for a respiratory care practitioner certificate,
    • complying with the requirements for certificate renewal under the Act,
    • providing current verifications from each state in which the respiratory care practitioner holds a certificate or license,
    • demonstrating current certification by NBRC,
    • submitting professional evaluations from each employment held after the certificate was placed on inactive status, and
    • providing sufficient documentation to the advisory board that the RCP has, on a full-time basis as defined in the relevant board rule, Tex. Admin. Code, Sec. §186.4(e) (relating to Procedural Rules and Qualifications for Certificate Applicants),
      • actively practiced as a respiratory care practitioner or
      • has been on the active teaching faculty of an acceptable approved respiratory care practitioner program, within either of the two years preceding receipt of an application for reactivation.
  • When requesting to return to active status, RCPs who do not meet the “active practice” requirement above, may, in the discretion of the advisory board, be eligible for the reactivation of a certificate subject to one or more of the following conditions or restrictions:
    • current certification by the NBRC or such other certifying body acceptable to the board;
    • completion of approved continuing education in topics specified by the advisory board;
    • limitation and/or exclusion of practice to specified activities as a respiratory care practitioner;
    • remedial education; and/or
    • such other remedial or restrictive conditions or requirements which, in the discretion of the advisory board, are necessary to ensure protection of the public and minimal competency of the applicant to safely practice as a respiratory care practitioner.


To request a change to the Inactive status for a Texas Respiratory Care Practitioner certificate, complete and return the inactive request form (link below) to the Board for approval before the expiration date of the current certificate.  Refunds of registration/renewal fees already paid cannot be made.

Because this form must be received by our office before the expiration date of the current certificate, completed and bearing original signatures, as well as bearing an original seal of notary public, it cannot be faxed back to our office. 


RCP Inactive Request Form - click here


Once you are on the inactive status, you will receive a hard copy inactive renewal form each year to maintain your inactive status.


  • Please note that the fingerprint criminal history background check will be required prior to your first Inactive renewal, if it has not already been completed prior to that time.


To return to an active status, use the link below to submit an RCP application for re-activation.  Please note, this is the same application used for an initial RCP license.  When completing the application, be sure to include your existing RCP license number.

Reactivate Online – Respiratory Care Practitioners - click here


If you have any questions, please contact the Registration Department at .