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Renewal Process - Non-Certified Radiologic Technician Registry

Until recently, in order to perform radiologic procedures in Texas under a physician’s supervision, Non-Certified Radiologic Technician (NCTs) were required to obtain a second registration permit with the Texas Medical Board in addition to placement on the MRT Board’s general registry.  


In the 2017 legislative session, SB 674 changed the law so that the Texas Medical Board is no longer required to register NCTs who work for physicians.  What remains is the requirement that NCTs obtain placement on the MRT Board’s general registry, or have an approved a hardship exemption, prior to starting practice.


You will need to continue to renew your NCT Registry listing or hardship exemption to continue to practice as an NCT in Texas. 



Existing license/permit expiration dates beyond March 31, 2016 will be honored, however no extensions will be provided at this time. Renewals will continue to be done biennially.  Additional information is provided below. Click on the tabs below for specific fee information.


NCT Registry Online Renewal – NEW!!!




  • Information on the required criminal history background checks and instructions for getting fingerprinted are available here.
  • Registration/renewal through TMB will be completed on a different schedule than DSHS, with all permits expiring during specific set times of year (as opposed to expiring in the permit holder’s birth month). Moving forward NCTs on the Registry will expire once a year, on June 30th.
  • As part of the transition from DSHS to TMB, existing NCTs on the registry will have their first registration (renewal) with TMB per the existing permit expiration date. The renewal fee charged at the time of the first renewal with TMB will be pro-rated to bring the permits in line with the new expiration dates.  
  • For example, NCTs on the registry that expire in December 2015, or January, February, March or April of 2016, will be pro-rated to renew through June 2018.
  • For those licensees who have recently been issued or renewed with DSHS, it may be approximately two years before you are due to register/renew with the TMB.
  • As part of this transition, some existing license and permit numbers will be reformatted to fit TMB requirements.


Information on continuing education is available at CE for NCT Registry .

  • The full (24 months) biennial registration fee includes a $2 Office of Patient Protection (OPP) fee. This fee is required by state law. The remaining $54 is the fee required by TMB.



    Biennial Registration

    Length of Permit

    Agency Fee


    total charged

    12 months

    $ 27.00

    $ 1.00

    $ 28.00

    15 months

    $ 33.75

    $ 1.00

    $ 34.75

    18 months

    $ 40.50

    $ 2.00

    $ 42.50

    21 months

    $ 47.25

    $ 2.00

    $ 49.25

    24 months

    $ 54.00

    $ 2.00

    $ 56.00

    27 months

    $ 60.75

    $ 2.00

    $ 62.75

    30 months

    $ 67.50

    $ 2.00

    $ 69.50

    Online Registration:

    No financial information is seen, processed, or stored by the Texas Medical Board. The payment portion of the online registration system is handled by, the official website of Texas. There is a minimal processing fee of this service and all funds go to the operations of, which is provided by a third party in partnership with the State. will remit the amount paid to the Texas Medical Board on your behalf.


    Please note that as of 9/1/15, will charge a different minimal amount depending on the type of online payment service used.


    Ex:           $56.00 Registration fee due          

                    $57.51 Total amount charged on credit card


    Ex:            $56.00 Registration fee due

                     $56.00 Total amount charged through electronic check



    Non-online (paper) registration:

    An additional processing fee of $50 will be charged to those licensees who choose to register through a paper form, when an online option is available. If an online option is not available (ex: license is delinquent or suspended at the time of registration) the additional processing fee will not be required.

    There is no grace period for the expiration date of an NCT Registry permit. Once the expiration date has occurred, a penalty fee of $50.00 will be added. If a permit has been expired for one year or longer it is automatically cancelled.

    Please note that the Board does not have a “zero balance receipt” that shows that a licensee has a zero balance or that licensee registration has been paid in full, nor can we provide an individualized billing statement of the amount due to complete license registration/renewal. 


    Online Registration:

    Please remember that the payment portion of the online registration system is handled by, the official website of Texas.  A printable receipt will be provided at the end of the online registration process. In addition, a confirmation of payment receipt will be emailed to the address given as part of the payment process.

    Additional copies of the receipt will be provided by request only. Submit your request to . Please include your full name, license number, date of payment, and amount paid.


    Non-online (paper) registration:

    A receipt will be provided by request only. Submit your request to . Please include your full name, license number, date of payment, and amount paid.