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State Benefits

There are many benefits available for employees working for the State of Texas and with the Texas Medical Board.

Health Coverage

New employees to the State of Texas have a 60 day waiting period for health coverage. After that time, the state will pay 100% for a full-time employee's health coverage and one half of the premium for a part-time employee. Dependent health coverage is also offered and the state pays half of the premium. Employees who decline the health insurance and are able to certify that they have health insurance coverage that is equal to or better than the Group Benefit Plan can sign-up for the Health Insurance Opt-Out Credit and receive a $60.00 for full-time employee or $30.00 for a part-time employee credit to go towards dental and/or Voluntary AD&D premiums.

Other insurance benefits include prescription drug coverage, dental coverage for employee and eligible dependents, disability coverage for employee only, term life and accidental death and dismemberment for employee and eligible dependents, and TexFlex Health Care and Day Care Accounts. There is no waiting period to enroll in this coverage. Employees can enroll in these optional benefits without any applications or questions except for the Optional Term Life Insurance policy at three and four times an employee’s annual salary, an employee must provide proof of good health. 


State employees are also required to participate in the retirement program effective the first day of employment. The employee contributes 9.5% of their gross salary to the retirement program and the state and agency contribution is 10%. The retirement program and insurance program are administered by the Employees Retirement System of Texas (ERS). Supplemental retirement plans are also available through a Deferred Compensation Plan (457) and Texa$aver (401K). Please visit the ERS link below for detailed information pertaining to the State Group Benefit Plan.


State employees also observed three types of holidays:  National, State, and Optional Holidays.  State agencies are usually closed during National holidays.  Employees are permitted to work on State holidays to earn state compensatory time.  This time earned can be taken off another work day, but must be taken within the a twelve month period.  Although employees can observed Optional Holidays, they must work the hours they did not report to work during the holiday within the same fiscal year taken.   Please see Holiday Listing link below for the listing of observed holidays.


State employees begin earning sick and vacation leave immediately upon employment with the TMB.  New state employees will earn 8 hours of sick leave a month and a total of 96 hours of sick leave each year.  There is no waiting period to access sick leave earned.  New state employees will earn a minimum of 8 hours a month and a total of 96 hours a year of annual (vacation) leave.  There is a six month waiting period to access your annual (vacation) leave if the new employee has not fulfill six months of continuous state service.  An employee’s annual leave accrual rate will increase as state employment service continues.  Part-time employees earn proportionally.

Training & Education Programs

TMB values employee education and self-improvement. As such, TMB strives to support all eligible employees in the pursuit of attaining educational goals for career enhancement and improved agency operations. Pursuant to Texas Government Code Chapter 656, TMB provides employees various training programs in order to perform their job duties and tuition assistance for eligible employees. For more information, click on the policy link below:

Other Benefits

State employees are also eligible to receive longevity pay of $20.00 per month for each two year increment of state service with a maximum of $420.00 per month.  Please see longevity chart for detailed information.

TMB also provides assistance to its employees through Alliance Work Partners, the agency’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to assist employees and their families resolve issues that affect work performance, personal happiness, family relationships and even our health. The EAP offers valuable, confidential services at no cost to an employee.  Please see link below for detailed information.

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