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Licensing Overview

The Governor’s March 13, 2020 COVID-19 Disaster Declaration expired on June 15, 2023. All Emergency Visiting Physician Temporary Permits, and emergency reactivations for retired or cancelled licenses, terminated on July 14, 2023, therefore permit holders who do not have an active permit or license with the Board must cease practice in Texas. 



The Licensure Department licenses physicians, physician assistants, acupuncturists, and surgical assistants; issues physician-in-training permits; registers non-certified radiologic technicians; and certifies acudetox specialists, pain management clinics, and non-profit health organizations.

The Licensure Department processes the applications of practitioners and non-profit entities to determine whether they meet all the criteria to practice or operate in Texas.  In general, applicants must graduate from appropriate educational institutions, pass national exams, pass the appropriate Texas Jurisprudence exam, and possess good professional character.

More details on the requirements to practice or operate in Texas for each type of practitioner or non-profit entity can be found by using the navigation links at the top of this page. 


Due to the high volume of applications being processed by the agency, staff members are unable to meet personally with applicants about their file. Questions or concerns regarding applications should be submitted in writing.


  • For Physician applicants – Please use the LIST system to submit your questions. 
  • For MRT, TMRT, LMRT, TLMRT, RCP, TRCP, Perfusionist, and Medical Physicists applicants – Please submit your questions by email to
  • For Physician Assistant, Physician-in-Training and all other applicants - Please submit your questions by email to


Applicants who appear at the agency’s office will be asked to submit their inquiry in writing on the form provided and they will be contacted in 3 business days by agency staff. 

Military - Application Fee Exemption

Senate Bill 807 (2015) allows for the waiver of application fees for any military service member, military spouse or military veteran. Please note that Texas Occupations Code Sec. 55.009 is subject only to the application fee. Waivers or refunds cannot be granted outside of the application fee, and other surcharges and fees assessed at the time of application are non-refundable. Please note some fees are mandated by statute. Texas Occupations Code Sec. 55.009 additionally does not apply to the initial registration and subsequent renewals of issued licenses.


Current Board rule and Statute include the following definitions:


Military service member - A person who is currently serving as a full-time military service member in the armed forces of the United States; or a person who is currently serving as a member of the Texas military forces or similar military service of another state performing state active duty service, federally funded state active duty service, or federal active duty service (but not including service performed exclusively for training, such as basic combat training, advanced individual training, annual training, inactive duty training, or special training periodically made available to service members). 

Military spouse - A person who is married to a military service member who is currently on active duty (as defined above).

Military veteran - A person who served on active duty in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard of the United States, or in an auxiliary service of one of those branches of the armed forces and who was discharged or released from active duty under conditions other than dishonorable.


The Military Fee Waiver review is separate from the application process, and does not detract nor add to the processing time for an application as those lacking items are considered separately. 

To apply for this waiver of application fees, please complete the Military Service Member Fee Waiver Request Form and submit it along with the requested additional documentation.


  • Copy of passport, or birth certificate , which is acceptable as required birth documentation after submission of an application for licensure with our agency; or
  • Copy of State Issued Driver's License, which can ONLY be used as proof of identity for Military Fee Waiver determination  




  • DD2-14; or
  • Copy of current original orders, including signature page(s)


Physicians (MDs & DOs), PAs, ACs, SAs, and ADs should e-mail their MFW paperwork as PDF or TIF attachments to


PITs (MDs & DOs) should e-mail their MFW paperwork as PDF or TIF attachments to


MPs, MRTs, PFs, RCPs, NCTs should e-mail their MFW paperwork as PDF or TIF attachments to

Please note that email attachments will not be opened unless they are received as PDF or TIF attachments, as all other types of email attachments are prohibited by our IT Department. Further, TMB cannot sign up with Google docs or any other documentation service to receive documents, nor should documentation be clipped and pasted into the body of the email.


Upon receipt of your request with the required documentation, the Licensure Department will evaluate the documentation and provide written confirmation of approval or an explanation as to why the waiver request is being denied. Upon receipt of the approval confirmation you will be able to apply online without submitting the application fee.


Military Fee Waiver of PIT Permit Application fee:

  • If you are active duty military, a military spouse or a military veteran you can apply for a waiver of the application fee.  
  • If you are beginning a postgraduate training program in Texas or a rotation in Texas, your program coordinator or GME representative may have initiated a request for the waiver on your behalf. Please consult with your program coordinator or GME representative to determine if the request has been submitted. If they have not initiated the request, please ask them to contact our office at for further instructions.
  • If you have applied and paid the application fee you can submit a request for a refund of the application fee. You will need to complete the Military Service Member Fee Waiver Request Form and return it with the required documentation (as outlined above) to initiate the request for a refund.


Please allow at least 14 business days for initial processing of all military fee waiver requests. We can only make a determination for qualification of the Military Fee Waiver (MFW) after all required information is received. It is up to each applicant to decide whether they would prefer to wait for the MFW determination prior to submitting their online application with no fee if they qualify for the MFW, or submit their online application first and, if they qualify for the MFW, request a refund after the MFW determination has been made.