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Overview of Physician Licenses and Permits

Texas offers a full unrestricted medical license as well a number of limited licenses or permits.  More information on eligibility and how to apply for each type of license or permit can be found by selecting from links to the left.  Below is a brief description of the limited licenses or permits.

Limited Licenses or Permits

Physician-in-Training (PIT) Permit allows a qualified person to participate in a postgraduate medical training or fellowship program.  A PIT permit is restricted to the supervised practice of medicine that is part of the training or fellowship program.

Faculty Temporary License allows physicians who do not meet all the requirements for full licensure, but who have the expertise to educate Texas medical students, residents, and fellows, to practice within the confines of the sponsoring institution.

Out-of-State Telemedicine License allows a physician to practice medicine across state lines so long as the practice is limited exclusively to the interpretation of diagnostic testing and reporting of results to a Texas fully licensed physician practicing in Texas or for the follow-up of patients where the majority of patient care was rendered in another state. An Out of-State Telemedicine license holder is not authorized to physically practice medicine in the state of Texas.

Administrative Medicine License allows physicians to use the medical and clinical knowledge, skill, and judgment of a fully licensed physician in ways which may affect the health and safety of the public or any person. This license does not allow the physician to practice clinical medicine, prescribe dangerous drugs or controlled substances, or delegate medical acts or prescriptive authority.

Provisional License is available only to applicants for a full medical license and allows the applicant to practice for 270 days in a medically underserved or health professionals shortage area.

Medical License Limited to Underserved Area allows applicants for a full medical license who do not meet exam timeframe requirements to obtain a license limited solely and exclusively to practice in a medically underserved or health professional shortage area.

Visiting Physician Temporary Permit is designed for an applicant who intends to practice under the supervision of a licensed Texas physician, excluding training in postgraduate training programs, for educational purposes or in order to practice charity care to underserved populations in Texas. 

Visiting Professor Temporary License is designed for a physician appointed as a visiting professor by a Texas medical school or institution in accordance with the Texas Medical Board rules.

Physician Public Health License allows physicians to practice Public Health medicine, which means professional managerial, administrative, or supervisory activities related to public health or the practice of medicine on behalf of and as defined by a governmental entity serving as a public health agency or institution.

Conceded Eminence License may be issued to an applicant who has achieved a high level of academic or professional recognition for excellence in research, teaching, or the practice of medicine. This license is limited to the practice of the specialty for which the license holder has conceded eminence and authority, and to the confines of the institution or program that recommended the license holder.

Military Limited Volunteer License is available to a physician who is or was authorized as a physician to treat personnel enlisted in a branch of the United States armed forces or veterans, and is limited to the practice of medicine for no compensation in clinics that serve indigent populations.