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Faculty Temporary License

The Faculty Temporary License (FTL) is a limited license that allows physicians who do not meet all the requirements for full licensure, but who have the expertise to educate Texas medical students, residents, and fellows, to practice within the confines of the sponsoring institution. The sponsoring institution may be:

  • an accredited Texas medical school;
  • The University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler;
  • The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center;
  • an institutional sponsor of an accredited graduate medical education program or;
  • a nonprofit health corporation affiliated with a residency program.


Eligibility Components for a Faculty Temporary License

 The FTL applicant must:

  • hold an M.D., D.O., or equivalent degree;
  • be licensed to practice medicine in another state or a Canadian province, or have completed at least two years of postgraduate residency (not limited to the United States);
  • have passed the Texas Medical Jurisprudence Examination (see the link to the left for more information about the exam);
  • submit fingerprints for state and national criminal history background checks (see the link to the left for more information regarding the fingerprint process);
  • hold a salaried faculty position equivalent to an assistant professor-level or higher, working fulltime in one of the institutions; or hold a faculty position equivalent to an assistant professor-level or higher, working at least part-time in one of the institutions; and be on active duty in the United States military;
  • not have a medical license that has been subject to disciplinary action in another state, territory, or Canadian province.
  • not have a medical license that is under an investigation; or
  • not have a prosecution pending for any offense that is a felony or a misdemeanor that involves moral turpitude.

IMPORTANT:  Initial FTLs typically take 45 days to process. Generally, Board staff can process these applications faster than that; however, if you need a start date between April and August, please plan for and expect that processing will take the full 45 days. No requests for expediting during this time will be granted.



To apply download the Faculty Temporary License Application using the link to the left.


License Expiration and Renewal

The FTL is issued for a period of one year. An applicant may apply for one or more successive FTLs. There is no limit.  



The application fee is $562.75.


Use of FTL to Meet Other License Type Requirements

Each year under an FTL is considered the equivalent of one year of approved postgraduate training.