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  • What is the initial registration fee for my physician license?

    The Board assigns the first registration period. These vary in length from 12 to 24 months. First time registration fees are prorated accordingly:

    Initial Registration Fee prorated amounts, as of 9/1/2023:

    Initial registration of 12 months - $283.48
    Initial registration of 24 months - $469.48

    Is there a reduced fee for military applicants?

    Senate Bill 807, effective on 9/1/2015, allows for the waiver of application fees for any military service member, military spouse or military veteran.  There is no current reduced registration fee.

    My licensing analyst informed me that I need a foreign education evaluation. What do I need to do?

    A foreign education evaluation is one tool the board uses in evaluating the medical education of a physician applicant who attended a medical school located outside the United States. The board will accept evaluations from the Foreign Credentials Service of America (FCSA). The cost of the evaluation is borne by the applicant. Applicants can find the appropriate request form on our website at Supplemental Forms "Form N".

    How do I find out about career opportunities for physicians in rural Texas?

    For information concerning practice opportunities in rural Texas please contact the State Office of Rural Health or the Southern Rural Access Program

    How long does it take to process a physician licensure application?

    We are legislatively mandated to process all physician licensure applications within an average of 51 days. The processing time clock begins when the applicant has submitted all initial requirements and the application has passed from Pre-Licensure to Licensing. A licensing analyst is then assigned to process the application. Individual application processing time will vary according to the complexity of the application. Factors that increase complexity are "yes" answers to any of the Professionalism questions on the application, or graduation from a medical school not listed on the Substantial Equivalence list. Once the licensing analyst determines the application is complete, the applicant is scheduled for licensure. Currently staff issues licenses twice a month.

    How do I obtain an application for physician licensure?

    Applications are completed on-line.

    Can my physician licensure application be expedited?

    Applicants who fall into one of the following categories may be eligible for expedited handling:

    1. Physician applicants who agree to practice in a medically underserved area, a health professional shortage area, or a rural area;
    2. Physician applicants qualifying under HB1504, who have been fully licensed and actively practicing in another state for at least 5 years, with no disciplinary history or open investigations;
    3. Physician applicants who are in active military service, whose spouse is in active military service, or who are military veterans. (These individuals may also qualify for an application fee waiver)

    How many attempts can a physician have on the licensing exams and still be eligible?

    Three, however, applicants who held a Texas Physician in Training permit on 9/1/05, or who have been licensed in good standing in another state for at least 5 years, and who have no restrictions, orders, or probation on any other state medical licenses, are eligible for exceptions to the three attempt exam limit.  Please see the eligibility checklist for details regarding exceptions.

    When I apply for a physician license, will I have to have my fingerprints taken?

    Yes. All physician applicants are required to submit their fingerprints for a criminal background check.

    What other fees may I have to pay besides the $817 physician application fee?

    Fees are typically required from other institutions that provide documents or services - such as the FSMB for the FCVS packet, or exam transcripts; the NPDB/HIPD for their reports, FCSA for a foreign education evaluation; the jurisprudence exam which is administered by PearsonVue; and the criminal history background check. Finally, the application fee does not cover any part of your initial registration.

    What topics will the Jurisprudence Examination cover?

    The statute requires that jurisprudence examinations be conducted on the licensing requirements and other laws, rules, or regulations applicable in this state.

    My medical school isn't listed on the document entitled "Schools Whose Graduates Do Not Have To Prove Substantial Equivalence of Their Education." What does that mean and what do I have to do?

    There are two reasons your school might not be on the list: 1) the Texas Medical Board has never licensed a graduate of your school before; or, 2) the Texas Medical Board more thoroughly investigates the education of graduates of your school. If your school is not listed the board will require additional documentation from you, your school, and some government entities in the country in which your school is located. Licensure Forms Z1-Z7, contain the details of the additional information the board requires.

    What is FCVS? What information do they collect? Would this service benefit my physician licensure application?

    The Federation Credentials Verification Service (FCVS) is a service created by the Federation of State Medical Boards to streamline the credentialing and licensing process. FCVS is not a requirement for Texas licensure and is in no way a guarantee of licensure or of an expedited application process in Texas. FCVS will be of the greatest benefit to an applicant who is applying from a school that will not issue multiple sets of documents or will be applying to several other states in addition to Texas. The Federation of State Medical Boards collects information regarding an applicant's identity, medical education, postgraduate training, licensure examination history, ECFMG certification, and board action history. This information is verified by the FCVS and maintained as a primary source record of a physician's credentials. FCVS will send a standard portfolio to state boards, hospitals, managed care plans, or professional societies at the applicant's request. Please note that the Texas Medical Board may require additional documentation in place of or in addition to the documentation provided within the FCVS packet. Please contact the Federation of State Medical Boards directly concerning service fees and processing times.

    How do I register for USMLE Step 3?

    For information on how to register for USMLE Step 3 contact the Federation of State Medical Boards.

    What is the fee to apply for a physician license?

    As of 9/1/2015, the fee for physician licensure in Texas is $817.00.  The entire fee must be submitted before your application can be assigned and processed. This fee does not include the registration fee, which is due and payable upon issuance of your permanent license.



    What additional examinations are required for physician licensure in Texas?

    All applicants for licensure are required to pass the Texas Medical Jurisprudence Examination. 

    I have passed a licensing exam but do not hold a state or provincial license. Can I apply for physician licensure in Texas?

    Yes. If you have passed a licensing examination (FLEX, NBME, NBOME, USMLE, COMLEX, LMCC or a state board examination) acceptable by the board, you may apply for licensure.

    Can I apply only for a temporary physician license if I will be coming to Texas for just a week or so?

    No. A temporary license may only be issued after an applicant has met all requirements established by the state of Texas for permanent licensure

    I haven't been practicing medicine for a while. Is that a problem?

    Maybe. In order to be eligible for physician licensure in Texas you must prove that you have actively diagnosed or treated patients, or been on the active teaching faculty of a Texas medical school on a full time basis for either of the two years preceding the date of your application. The Board defines "full time" to be at least 20 hours per week for 40 weeks duration during a given year. If you don't meet that requirement the Executive Director may determine that certain conditions must be met before licensure can be granted. Alternatively, licensure under a non-disciplinary order limiting your practice to administrative medicine may be offered.

    I graduated from a Medical School overseas and it is difficult for me to obtain a certified transcript of my scores and classes from them. Can I submit a copy of this from my own files?

    No. If you are unable to obtain a certified copy of your transcript directly from the school you will have to prove that you have made "exhaustive attempts" to obtain it. Your file will have to be reviewed by our Executive Review Group before a determination of acceptability can be made. Please consult your licensing analyst AFTER you submit your application for details on proving "exhaustive attempts."

    Can fees be refunded?

    Refunds of application/registration fees are available in very limited circumstances. These fees may be refunded in cases of administrative error by the TMB; applicants who withdraw their applications within 45 days of initial application, licensees who retire or request cancellation within 90 days of paying the fee, or on behalf of applicants/licensees who die within 90 days of paying the fee. A pro-rated refund may be requested for good cause by a spouse or personal representative of an applicant/licensee who has died more than 90 days after paying the application/registration fee. Refund circumstances are addressed in Board rule 175.5(c).