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Social Media Policy

The Texas Medical Board (TMB) Social Media Policy is based on the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) Social Medial Guidelines and may be subject to revision at any time.

  • TMB’s social media sites are created for the limited purpose of disseminating information to Board licensees, stakeholders and the general public and are not intended nor created to be an open public forum.
  • Information contained on TMB social media sites is provided for informational purposes only. Posts do not represent an official position or endorsement by the Board or Board staff, constitute rulemaking, or amend any rule, statute or decision.
  • TMB is neither responsible for the content nor endorses any third party site which has a link to or from this site.

Social media sites do not replace traditional means of communication including the TMB website (, the primary official source of agency information.


Only public information is permitted to be posted on social media sites. TMB is not responsible for third party content posted to TMB social media sites.

NOTE: Social media sites are not appropriate means for filing complaints. For more information on how to file a complaint, visit:

Terms of Service

TMB social media sites are third party sites that have terms of service and policies that are not governed by TMB or the State of Texas. These third party sites are not official TMB websites and the third party’s website terms of service and polices apply.


All published content on TMB social media sites is subject to monitoring. TMB reserves the right to remove any post.

TMB is unable to respond to questions or comments relating to matters or issues in pending or anticipated litigation.

The views expressed in replies, retweets, likes, followers, favorites, and/or links reflect those of the author(s) and do not imply endorsement or agreement by TMB, and do not necessarily reflect the views and/or policies of TMB or the State of Texas.

Social media sites are subject to state records retention requirements. TMB shall ensure that site content is retained in proper TMB record series in accordance to TMB’s records retention schedule.

TMB social media sites may contain communications sent to or by state employees and may be subject to open records laws; however, TMB social media sites are not an appropriate method for submitting an open records request.

For more information on submitting an open records request, visit:


The Facebook mobile site is a suggested accessible alternative to the original TMB Facebook page.

For more information on Facebook accessibility, visit:


December 2015