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Perfusionist Licensure Advisory Committee

As required by SB 202 passed in 2015 by the 84th Texas Legislature, the Perfusionist Licensure Advisory Committee is an informal advisory committee to the Texas Medical Board and consists of seven members appointed by the president of the medical board as follows:

(1)  four perfusionists licensed in this state who each have at least five years of experience as a perfusionist;

(2)  two physicians licensed in this state who supervise perfusionists; and

(3)  one member who represents the public.

The advisory committee and the Texas Medical Board are responsible for regulating the practice of perfusion as required by the Licensed Perfusionists Act, Chapter 603, Occupations Code.


What is a perfusionist?

A Perfusionist is an individual who operates extracorporeal (outside the body) circulation and autotransfusion equipment and uses techniques involving blood management, advanced life support and other related functions during medical situations involving the heart, where it is necessary to support or temporarily replace the patient’s circulatory or respiratory function. Perfusionists use a number of highly technical, mechanical and electronic devices to ensure that oxygen reaches a patient’s body through the blood, even when the patient’s lungs and heart are temporarily not functioning.

Some responsibilities of a Perfusionist may include:

  • Operating cardio-pulmonary bypass equipment
  • Monitoring blood gasses and other lab values
  • Administering medications or anesthetics through equipment under physician direction



Perfusionist Licensure Advisory Committee Agenda (May 13, 2016)



Perfusionist Licensure Advisory Committee Minutes (February 12, 2016)