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Medical Radiologic Technology Board

As required by SB 202 passed in 2015 by the 84th Texas Legislature, the Texas Board of Medical Radiologic Technology is an advisory board to the medical board and consists of nine members appointed by the governor with the advice and consent of the senate as follows:

(1)  four medical radiologic technologists who each have at least five years of experience as a medical radiologic technologist;

(2)  two physicians licensed in this state who supervise medical radiologic technologists; and

(3)  three members who represent the public.

The advisory board and the medical board are responsible for regulating the practice of radiologic technology as required by the Medical Radiologic Technologist Certification Act, Chapter 601, Occupations Code.


What is a medical radiologic technologist?

A Medical Radiologic Technologist (MRT) is an individual, who under the direction of a practitioner, administers radiation for medical purposes. This would include diagnostic radiography, nuclear medicine and radiation therapy.

Some of the responsibilities of an MRT may include:

  • Performing radiographic studies: CAT scan; MRI; X-rays; PET scan; mammography; fluoroscopy
  • Performing radiation therapy
  • Administering radiopharmaceuticals
  • Performing interventional radiographic procedures like angiography