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Texas Medical Board Committees

Many of the Board's duties are carried out in committee; recommendations made in committee are then accepted, modified or rejected by the full Board. The Board's standing committees consist of the following:

Executive Committee

Duties consist of the following: review Board meeting agendas; ensure records are maintained of all committee actions; delegate tasks to other committees; take action on urgent matters that may arise between Board meetings; review contract negotiations; review staff reports regarding finances and the budget.

Finance Committee

This committee reviews staff reports regarding finances and the budget; presents budget needs to the Legislature and other state officials; recommends proper fees for the agency to charge; and considers and makes recommendations to the Board regarding any aspect of Board finances.

Disciplinary Process Review Committee

The DPRC committee gives direction to the Board's enforcement program. It makes recommendations regarding resolution and disposition of specific cases and can approve, adopt, modify, or reject recommendations from Board staff or Board representatives regarding actions to be taken on pending cases. It also gives final approval for dismissals of complaints.

Licensure Committee

The Licensure Committee receives and reviews applications for licensure, determines eligibility, and reports its recommendations to the Board for consideration. It also reviews Board rules regarding licensure and makes recommendations to the Board regarding changes or implementation of such rules.

Medical Board Committee List