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Sunset Review

Sunset Review Documents for 2018-2019 Review Cycle, 86th Legislative Session


2016-2017 Sunset Review

House Bill 3040 85(R), the bill that contained the Sunset Commission’s statutory recommendations for the Texas Medical Board, including continuing the regulation of medicine, did not pass. Several of the Sunset Commission’s other Medical Board recommendations passed in separate bills, and the commission also adopted five nonstatutory management actions the board must implement:

  • H.B. 3040 Burkett (Hinojosa) — Sunset Bill (Not Enacted)
  • H.B. 2561 S. Thompson (V. Taylor) — Prescription Monitoring Program
  • S.B. 315 Hinojosa (Burkett) — Subpoena Authority and Pain Management Regulation
  • S.B. 674 Schwertner (S. Davis) — Licensing Provisions and Elimination of Dual Registration
  • S.B. 1625 Uresti (Cortez) — Physician Assistant Licensing and Board Provisions

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