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Texas Medical Jurisprudence Exam

Online JP Exam & Study Guide

The JP exam is available for applicants with active, pending applications to take online through their My TMB account. Follow the quick links to the left for more information on creating a My TMB account and accessing the exam and optional study materials.

Applicants required to take the exam include the following:

  • Physicians (Full/Administrative/Conceded Eminence),
  • Physician Assistants,
  • Acupuncturists,
  • Faculty Temporary Licenses (FTLs),
  • Medical Radiologic Technologists - General Certificate (MRTs) AND Temporary General Certificate (TMRT),
  • Medical Radiologic Technologists - Limited Certificate (LMRTs) AND Temporary Limited Certificate (TLMRTs),
  • Non-certified Radiologic Technician Registry (NCRs),
  • Respiratory Care Practitioner (RCP) AND Temporary Respiratory Care Practitioner (TRCP)
  • Medical Physicist (MP) AND Temporary Medical Physicist (TMP)
  • Perfusionist (PF) AND Provisional Perfusionist (PROV-PF)

In accordance with law passed by the 84th Legislature (SB 202), all Respiratory Care Practitioner, Medical Radiologic Technologist, Limited Medical Radiologic Technologist, and Non-Certified Radiologic Technician applicants who apply after August 31, 2019, will also be required to successfully pass the JP exam.
This includes applicants applying for a temporary certificate. Temporary certificate holders who have passed the JP exam will not be required to pass the exam again when applying for their full certificate.

Medical Physicists and Perfusionists will continue to be required to pass their original JP exam, which will now also be accessible though My TMB. There is no study guide available for the original Medical Physicist and Perfusionist JP exams.