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  • Does Texas require NCCPA Certification?

    NCCPA Certification is required for initial licensure in Texas but not for renewal of an active Texas Physician Assistant License.

    What topics will the Jurisprudence Examination cover?

    The statute requires that jurisprudence examinations be conducted on the licensing requirements and other laws, rules, or regulations applicable in this state.

    How long does it take to process a license application?

    Individual application processing time will vary according to the complexity of the application. Factors that increase complexity are “yes” answers to any of the Professionalism questions on the application.  

    Can fees be refunded?

    Refunds of application/registration fees are available in very limited circumstances. These fees may be refunded in cases of administrative error by the TMB; applicants who withdraw their applications within 45 days of initial application, licensees who retire or request cancellation within 90 days of paying the fee, or on behalf of applicants/licensees who die within 90 days of paying the fee. A pro-rated refund may be requested for good cause by a spouse or personal representative of an applicant/licensee who has died more than 90 days after paying the application/registration fee. Refund circumstances are addressed in Board rule 175.5(c).

    Is there a reduced fee for military applicants?

    Senate Bill 807, effective on 9/1/2015, allows for the waiver of application fees for any military service member, military spouse or military veteran.  There is no current reduced registration fee.

    How do I apply for a PA license?

    Applications for PA licensure are submitted online.

    What is the PA application fee?

    The application-processing fee is $220.00 that must be submitted along with the completed application. In addition, there is a fee of $107 if you are requesting a temporary license.

    How does the PA licensure process work?

    Please see the Application Process and General Information links in the Physician Assistant Quick Links menu, located here.

    What do I study to prepare for the PA jurisprudence examination?

    The examination you take will be composed of 50 questions.  Please see the information on the Jurisprudence Exam page, located here.


    Can I expedite my physician assistant application?

    At this time, only physician applicants can use the Form Y to expedite an application. Should this change, notification will be posted.

    Where can I find information on the rules regarding PA licensure requirements?

    Section 185.4 of the PA Board Rules covers licensure requirements.

    I am a foreign medical graduate. Can I get a PA license with my medical degree?

    No. Texas law requires graduation from an accredited PA program for eligibility.

    Can I get a temporary PA license?

    Yes, if you have requested and paid for one. The request is made by mailing in the Temporary License Affidavit with the $107 fee. A temporary license cannot be issued until all supporting documents for your online application have been received, and your file has been reviewed and determined complete by your assigned licensing analyst. The temporary license is considered a full and active license and will allow you to practice until your permanent license is issued. Permanent licenses are issued once a month.  Please see the License Issue Dates link to the left for more information.  

    What are the laws or rules concerning a PA's scope of practice?

    Board Rule 185.10 covers Physician Assistant Scope of Practice.

    Can I get a DEA number with my temporary license?

    You must register your supervising physician with the TMB prior to applying with the DEA.  For information or questions on applying for a DEA under a temporary license, please contact the DEA directly.


    When will I be issued my permanent license?

    Permanent licenses are issued once a month.  Please refer to the License Issue Dates link on the left for detailed information on the scheduled licensing dates and deadlines.