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PIT - Eligibility Checklist

Physicians In Training

PIT Eligibility Checklist

You must have a checkmark in each section to be eligible.




Are you over 18?




Are you a medical school graduate, or



Have you completed a 5th Pathway program

Training Program



Have you been accepted into a training program and issued an ID number?


If you have any of the following you are NOT eligible:


         a medical license, permit, or other authority to practice medicine that is currently restricted for cause, canceled for cause, suspended for  cause, revoked or subject to another form of discipline in a state or territory of the United States, Canada, or a uniformed service of United States.

         an investigation or proceeding pending  for the restriction, cancellation, suspension, revocation, or other discipline of the  medical license, permit or authority to practice medicine in a state or territory of the United States, a province of Canada, or a uniformed service of the United States

         a prosecution pending  in any state, federal or Canadian court for any offense that under the laws of this state is a felony, a misdemeanor that involves the practice of medicine, or a misdemeanor that involves a crime of moral turpitude.