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  • How long does it take to process a license application?

    Individual application processing time will vary according to the complexity of the application. Factors that increase complexity are “yes” answers to any of the Professionalism questions on the application.  

    What does PIT mean?

    PIT stands for Physician in Training.

    How do I apply for a PIT permit?

    PIT applications are submitted online.

    How do I send the Supplemental information for my PIT application?

    Personal statements can be sent by e-mail, fax, regular or overnight mail. Documents and third party information can be sent by regular or overnight mail, or fax, if the documents are less than 10 pages.

    • E-mail to

    Fax to (888) 550-7516 Attn: PIT Permits

    • Overnight and Regular mail - We recommend using one of the private overnight delivery services that allow tracking to submit all required items. These services require delivery to a physical address and a phone number. Delivery by a private overnight service to our physical address usually allows you to obtain immediate online confirmation of delivery from the carrier.

    Items mailed through the US Postal Service (regular, certified, express, or overnight), must be addressed to our mailing address, or they will be returned to the sender. A vendor signs for and delivers these items to our agency. Even if a tracking mechanism is used, the signature confirming receipt of items delivered to the mailing address will be that of a vendor employee, making confirmation of delivery more difficult.


    Delivery Physical Address and Phone

    • Texas Medical Board, 1801 Congress Avenue, Suite 9-200, Austin, TX 78701
    Phone – (512) 305-7030

    Mailing address

    • Texas Medical Board, P.O. Box 2029, Austin, TX 78768

    How long will it take to process my PIT application or for my permit to be issued?

    Applications that have all “no” answers or do not require supplemental forms or assignment to an analyst should be processed within 14 days from date of receipt by the Board.

    If the application is assigned to an analyst, the initial review of the application may take approximately 4 weeks due to the volume of applications we receive. The analyst will communicate with applicant via email. Receipt of document does not equate to processing, or acceptability, of the document.

    We do suggest that you should allow at least 90 days to 120 days for processing of the application.

    Can my residency program (or other third party) pay my PIT application fee?

    Yes. They must register with the TMB for bulk payment processing. Your program will receive a third party identification number which they should make available to you, if they wish to pay your application fee. On the payment page of the online application, select "Pay by Third Party Payment". Enter the third party identification number you were given in the "Third Party ID" field. Note: This number should not be confused with the TMB personal identification number, or your ACGME, AOA, or TMB Program Identification number. Be sure to enter a valid email address. You will receive an email if the application fee has not been paid within seven days. Your application will not be submitted to the Texas Medical Board until the fee has been paid. Entering an incorrect third party identification number will mean that your program, or other third party payer, is prevented from paying for your application, and you will have to submit a new application with the correct third party identification number or choose another form of payment.

    How can my residency program or medical school reimburse my PIT application fee?

    Be sure to make at least two copies of the Receipt page when you complete your online application. The amount you paid will be reflected on the receipt. You can keep one copy for your records and use the other copy to request reimbursement from your residency program or medical school.

    As part of my PIT application, do I have to request a certified transcript from my medical school?

    No. The TMB no longer checks for compliance with Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) requirements at the PIT permit application level. However, THECB requirements must be met when applying for a physician license.

    How do I register for COMLEX Level 3?

    For information on how to register for COMLEX Level 3 contact the National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners.

    Can I continue to use my PIT permit if I obtain a Temporary License or permanent physician licensure?

    No. A Temporary License supersedes a PIT permit and a permanent license supersedes a Temporary License.

    I am a resident in an accredited out of state residency program and wish to complete a rotation in Texas. Do I complete a different application to obtain a training permit?

    An online PIT application must be completed for a rotation in Texas.  You will use the same online application as a Texas physician in training, however, the fee will vary.

    Can I moonlight with a PIT permit?

    No, a physician-in-training permit holder is restricted to the supervised practice of medicine that is part of and approved by the training program. The permit does not allow for the practice of medicine that is outside of the approved program.

    Is internal moonlighting allowed with a PIT permit?

    Yes. For our purposes, internal moonlighting is defined as additional optional training within the scope of a training program, provided it occurs under the direction of a faculty member associated with the training program; is in compliance with the training requirements including but not limited to requirements for faculty supervision and work hour limitations; and is in the same specialty as the training program or approved by the program director as a training area related to the specialty.

    What are some examples of acceptable internal moonlighting under a PIT permit for training areas related to the specialty?

    A Family Medicine resident could reasonably be approved by his or her program director to internally moonlight with a PIT permit in the ER, maternity ward, or ambulatory clinic. An Internal Medicine resident could reasonably be approved by his or her program director to internally moonlight in the ER, ICU, or on the Critical Care service. However, a Family Medicine or Internal Medicine resident should not internally moonlight with a PIT permit on the Surgery service as it is not related to the specialty.

    Does conference attendance or observation count as internal moonlighting under a PIT permit?

    Not for our purposes. TMB will only be concerned with the supervised practice of medicine under a PIT permit.