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  • I was just fingerprinted for another agency, can you use those fingerprint results?

    Per Title 28, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Section 50.12, FBI fingerprinting reports are only allowed to be used for the purposes requested. Therefore, we are not able to access fingerprint results that were submitted to another agency. If you have been previously fingerprinted for another license or by another agency, we apologize for the inconvenience; however you will still be required to submit the fingerprint criminal history background to the TMB.

    How do I change my address with the Texas Medical Board?

    As part of the “My TMB” system, we are now able to offer the ability to update mailing and practice addresses online for the majority of our licensees.


    To update your mailing or practice address online click the “My TMB” link in the upper right hand corner of our website (near the “search” box), and create an account if you do not have one already.

    I’m trying to log into the online renewal system and I’m getting an error that says I’m trying to register too early.  When can I begin the renewal process?

    You are not eligible to enter the online registration system until 60-90 days prior to your expiration date. If you are within that time period, please contact us at as there may be another issue that is holding up your renewal process.

    Please note that your fingerprint criminal history results must be received prior to your initial renewal with the TMB.

    I didn’t receive a renewal notice from the TMB and now I am going to have to register late. Will the TMB offer an extension of my license?

    Renewal notices are sent out to the mailing address of record 60-90 days prior to the expiration date of a permit.  Currently, extensions are not granted on the basis of not receiving a renewal reminder in the mail.

    My Temporary MRT license expired; will the TMB offer an extension of my temporary license while I am waiting for the issuance of the General MRT?

    There are no extensions for temporary permits at this time. However, upon completion of the application process, the TMB issues General and Limited MRT permits each week.

    Why do I have to be fingerprinted for my first renewal with the Texas Medical Board?

    The fingerprint background check is required prior to the completion of your initial TMB registration/renewal,per the new statutory requirement set out in Texas Occupations Code, Sec 601.1111.

    Will I continue to renew my license in my birth month?

    Registration/renewal through TMB is completed on a different schedule than DSHS, with all permits expiring during specific set times of year (as opposed to expiring in the permit holder’s birth month).  MRT and LMRT licensees will expire twice a year, February 28th or August 31st.


    As part of the transition from DSHS to TMB, existing MRT and LMRT licenses will have their first registration with TMB per the existing permit expiration date. The renewal fee charged at the time of the first renewal with TMB will be pro-rated to bring the permits in line with the new expiration dates.

    What is the penalty for renewing past the expiration date?

    There is no grace period for the expiration date of a Medical Radiologist Technologist permit (general or limited). Once the expiration date has occurred, a penalty fee equal to one half of the registration fee will be added. After 90 days, the penalty fee will increase to equal a full registration fee. If a license has been expired for one year or longer it is automatically cancelled.