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Acupuncturist FAQs
  • What do I need to do to change the name I use professionally?

    You must provide us with a statement that gives an explanation of your request, a completed Name Change Application form and a notarized copy of the legal document(s) that granted your name change, i.e. marriage license, divorce decree etc.

    Can I give my change of address over the phone?

    No.  However, changes in mailing or practice addresses can now be updated online in most situations.  For those license types that cannot use the online system, a Change of Address form is available, but not required.  Information on the new Change of Address system is available at:

    Is the registration payment due before the expiration of a license?

    Yes. The completed registration application and payment are due on or before the expiration date of the permit. However, you should allow at least 5 working days for the processing of the form, the fee and posting to the computer system.

    Can fees be refunded?

    Refunds of application/registration fees are available in very limited circumstances. These fees may be refunded in cases of administrative error by the TMB; applicants who withdraw their applications within 45 days of initial application, licensees who retire or request cancellation within 90 days of paying the fee, or on behalf of applicants/licensees who die within 90 days of paying the fee. A pro-rated refund may be requested for good cause by a spouse or personal representative of an applicant/licensee who has died more than 90 days after paying the application/registration fee. Refund circumstances are addressed in Board rule 175.5(c).

    Do I need to send copies of my CME certificates with my registration?

    No. You will need to provide these documents if you are selected in a random CME audit conducted after each registration period or if you receive a written request from Board staff to present these documents.

    Is there a reduced fee for military licensees?

    No, there is not. However, military personnel, with questions regarding registration or permits, who are being deployed, should contact the TMB.

    Are there any exemptions to the CME requirement?

    Yes. A licensee may request in writing an exemption for catastrophic illness, military service of longer than one year's duration outside the United States, residence of longer than one year's duration outside the United States, or good cause shown that gives satisfactory evidence to the board that the licensee is unable to comply with the requirement for CME. Exemption requests should be submitted in advance of the expiration date of a licensee's permit.

    Is it the same price to register online or by hard copy?

    No. An additional processing fee of $50 will be charged to those licensees who choose to register through a hard copy form, when an online option is available. If an online option is not available (ex: license is delinquent or suspended at the time of registration) the additional processing fee will not be required.

    I just got my license this year. Do I have to complete CME before I register?

    If your pro-rated initial registration is for less than 12 months, you are exempt from the CME requirement until your subsequent registration.