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Licensure Credential Verification Process Letter

January 1, 2024


To whom it may concern:


The Texas Medical board has a website located at . We have a public web based verification system that is run in-house located on our website. To access this database choose the link “Look up a License” from our home page. This database will provide links to view Board Orders for most licensees, where applicable. 


We also have an online verification system that allows registered health care entities to receive limited information on open investigations, if any exists. To access this database, choose the link “Consumer/Public Resources” from our home page, and then select “HCE Notice” under the menu heading “Look up a License".  This page will provide a link to the database as well as information on how to become a registered HCE to access this system.  The information in both the HCE and the public verification system is updated daily.

Our website also contains links to Docfinder/Texas. The information accessed through Docfinder is provided by TMB and only updated monthly. We do not run that website.

The Texas Medical Board obtains verification of the following information as part of its licensure process for physicians, physician assistants, surgical assistants, acupuncturists, medical physicists, medical radiologic technologists, perfusionists, and respiratory care practitioners.


A. Identity and age.
B. Professional education.
C. Passage of professional examination.
D. Professional training and ability.
E. Professional character.


The procedures used to verify this information meet or exceed URAC, NCQA and JCAHO guidelines.


An applicant is not granted licensure by the Texas Medical Board until all required documents are furnished to the board and are verified. The board may, in rare and unusual circumstances, accept alternative documents. Substitutions are considered only when the applicant submits proof of exhaustive efforts undertaken to secure the required documents. These exceptions are reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the board's executive director or by a committee of the board.





Rhea Hines, Director

Registration Department


Licensure Credential Verification Process Letter(PDF) Version