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Physician Assistant License Overview

The Texas Physician Assistant Board issues a physician assistant license to qualified individuals to practice in Texas.  In addition to a license, physician assistants in Texas must practice under the supervision of one or more supervising physicians, and if prescribing drugs, must have a prescriptive delegation agreement with their supervising physician(s). 

The Licensure Department of the Texas Physician Assistant Board is committed to furthering the mission of the Board by ensuring quality healthcare for the citizens of Texas by upholding the standards set in statute and Board Rule, and by efficiently processing licensure applications.

Before You Apply

Individuals considering applying for a physician assistant license should use the links to the left for more information about eligibility, the application process, and the required documentation and fees before submitting their applications.  Please note that Texas has a two-step application process – pre-licensure and licensure.  During pre-licensure, the applicant’s documents are collected and the applicant will be updated as to which documents have been received and are missing through regular mail or e-mail, if an address has been provided.  Only after all the documents have been received is the application considered complete and the licensure step may begin.  During licensure, a licensure analyst will review and verify all the information contained in the application and the supporting documentation.  More information will be requested by a licensure analyst if the previously submitted documentation is not complete and/or contains errors. 


Apply online using the link to the left. Depending on your answers, some of the questions on the application will require you to download a supplemental form and submit it.  Some of the forms must be sent to a third party, such as your physician assistant school or liability carrier.  Applicants must also take and pass the Jurisprudence Exam and submit their fingerprints for state and national criminal history background checks. More information can be found using the links under Apply at the left.

Your application will not be processed until all supplemental information is received.  

Individual application processing time will vary based on the complexity of the application. The processing time clock begins when the applicant has submitted all initial documents and has moved to the second step.  Factors that increase the processing time are answering “yes” to any of the Professionalism questions on the application.

Communication with the Board

Applications are submitted online, but additional information and supplemental forms may be submitted using the US Postal Service or a private overnight delivery service.  Board staff will communicate with applicants by e-mail, if an address is provided, or by letter using the US Postal Service.  For more information on submitting documentation see LINK to the left.  

Military - Application Fee Exemption

Senate Bill 807, effective on 9/1/2015, allows for the waiver of application fees for any military service member, military spouse or military veteran.


Current Board rule and Statute include the following definitions:


Military service member - A person who is currently serving as a full-time military service member in the armed forces of the United States; or a person who is currently serving as a member of the Texas military forces or similar military service of another state performing state active duty service, federally funded state active duty service, or federal active duty service (but not including service performed exlcusively for training, such as basic combat training, advanced individual training, annual training, inactive duty training, or special training periodically made available to service members). 

Military spouse - A person who is married to a military service member who is currently on active duty (as defined above).

Military veteran - A person who served on active duty in the army, navy, air force, marine corps, or coast guard of the United States, or in an auxiliary service of one of those branches of the armed forces and who was discharged or released from active duty under conditions other than dishonorable.


To apply for this waiver of application fees, please complete the Military Service Member Fee Waiver Request Form and submit it along with the requested additional documentation.


o   Copy of military ID, passport, or birth certificate

And :

o   DD2-14; or

o   Copy of current original orders, including signature page(s)


Upon receipt of your request with the required documentation, the Licensure Department will evaluate the documentation and provide written confirmation of approval or an explanation as to why the waiver request is being denied. Upon receipt of the approval confirmation you will be able to apply online without submitting the application fee.


Military Fee Waiver of PIT Permit Application fee:

  • If you are active duty military, a military spouse or a military veteran you may apply for a waiver of the application fee.  
  • If you are active duty military, a military spouse or a military veteran enrolled in military postgraduate training program in Texas, consult with your residency program coordinator and they can initiate the request for the waiver on your behalf. 


Please allow at least 14 business days for initial processing of all military fee waiver requests.