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Accessing JP Exam and Study Guides

The JP exam and study guides will be available for applicants to take online through their “My TMB” account. Only applicants with active, pending applications will be able to take the exam. If you have a pending application and have not set up a My TMB account, please find instructions on setting up your account here – Creating Your My TMB Account

Applicants required to take the exam will see icons upon login to purchase study preparation materials and to take the exam. The study guide and JP exam required is specific to the license type applied for. A study guide and practice exam will be available as new icons through My TMB after purchase.

Access to purchased study guides will be available to applicants through their My TMB account until they have either passed the exam or their application has been expired, whichever comes first. Once a study guide/practice exam has been purchased an applicant will see these items as new icons on their My TMB page.

Selecting the icon to take the JP exam will take an applicant to the third party vendor website for payment and access to the exam.

General Information

Applicants must pass with a score of 75 or better and will have unlimited attempts to do so. The fee for the JP exam will be $34 per attempt. The JP exam is administered through a third party vendor and failure to complete the exam within the timeframe allowed will result in automatic submission for grading and forfeiture of the fee for failed exams.

Upon passage of the exam scores will be sent electronically to the TMB by the vendor. Please allow 48 hours for applications to be updated upon passing. A certificate is available on My TMB after passing the exam, however, it is not required to be submitted and is only for the applicant’s records.