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General Information for Physician Assistants

Overview of the PA Application Process

  • You submit your application online. Note which supporting documents you will need to submit for your application to be complete.

  • You begin collecting and submitting the supporting documents needed.

    We recommend using one of the private overnight delivery services that allow tracking to submit all required items. These services require delivery to a physical address and a phone number. Delivery by a private overnight service to our physical address usually allows you to obtain immediate online confirmation of delivery from the carrier. 

    Delivery Physical Address and Phone
    Texas Physician Assistant Board 
    PRC, MC-240 
    333 Guadalupe, Tower III, Suite 700 
    Austin, TX 78701 
    Phone – (512) 305-7030


    Mailing address
    Texas Physician Assistant Board
    PRC, MC-240
    P.O. Box 2029
    Austin, TX 78768-2029

    Items mailed through the US Postal Service (regular, certified, express, or overnight), must be addressed to our mailing address, or they will be returned to the sender. A vendor signs for and delivers these items to our agency. Even if a tracking mechanism is used, the signature confirming receipt of items delivered to the mailing address will be that of a vendor employee, making confirmation of delivery more difficult.
  • Your application is screened by the Pre-Licensure, Registration, and Consumer Services (PRC) Department to determine whether the required documents that were expected with your application have arrived.

  • You are sent an e-mail (or letter if no email address is provided) listing items that are lacking. This listing may include documents you have submitted, but have not been received.

    This is Important!  The content of the items is not reviewed for acceptability until all the supporting documentation is received and the application is assigned to a Licensure Analyst. PRC staff is merely informing you that expected items are lacking and requested item(s) have been received.
  • As items are received, staff will send you an email (or letter) to notify you. When the last item is received your application will be sent to the Licensure Department for assignment to a Licensure Analyst.
  • Your Licensure Analyst will review your application and documents for content and acceptability.You will be contacted with a list of any additional items needed to complete your application, or informed that your application is complete.  In many cases more information or documentation is needed. If the item has previously been submitted, the new request will include an explanation regarding why the submitted document failed to meet standards.  Sometimes more items will be required based on information obtained from the new documentation.

    The length of time it will take to complete your application will depend on the acceptability of submitted items and the complexity of the application. Some factors that can increase complexity are “Yes” answers to questions on the Professionalism, Medical Liability section of the application.
  • Once all items have been received, and have been reviewed and approved by the appropriate members of Board staff, your application will be considered complete and your name will be added to the list of applicants to be granted permanent licensure at the next Board meeting. An email (or hard copy letter if an email address is not available) will be sent informing you. The PA Board meets three times a year.

  • A temporary license will be issued, if requested, that allows you to practice between the time the Board staff approves your application and the next Board meeting.  To request a temporary license use the link to the left.
  • You must register your supervising physician before you began practicing as a physician assistant.  You must also have a Federal Narcotics number prior to prescribing Schedule III-V drugs. Visit the DEA’s Diversion Control website at to apply for a Federal Narcotics Number. You must also register your supervising physician(s) with the TMB before applying for your DEA number.  
  • Effective September 1, 2016, a Texas Controlled Substance Number is no longer required so please make sure your DEA registration remains active at all times.


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