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Verification Request

For practitioners wanting verification documentation.

Upon written request TMB will provide a state board verification to another state board regarding licensees. The verification includes: licensee's name, license or permit number, issue date, expiration date, disciplinary status, and our board seal will be affixed.

There is no fee for state board verifications. Please allow 10 working days to process your verification. The verification will be mailed or emailed directly to the state board of your request.  Please note that providing a state board contact email on your form will assist us in expediting your request. 


Verification Request Form

Mail, fax or email your verification request to:

Texas Medical Board
P.O. Box 2029 -MC 245
Austin, TX 78768-2029

Fax (888) 512-2581 

Email - 

When requesting verifications by email, please use the subject line “License Verification”.  This will help us route your request appropriately for a faster response.



NEW!!! – The TMB is introducing a new “Online Electronic Verification System” that will allow selected licensees to use their MyTMB account to request an automatic pdf verification of their license, permit or certification be emailed to the address of their choice.  The pdf verification includes: licensee's name, license, permit or certificate number, issue date, expiration date, disciplinary status, and an electronic version of our board seal will be affixed.  The system will create and email the pdf verification automatically once the request is submitted.

  • To access this system log into your MyTMB account (Link in the upper right hand corner of our website), select the “License Verification” icon and follow the directions.
  • At this time the “Online Electronic Verification System” to request a verification is available to the license types listed below.  If your license type is not listed, please submit the hard copy Verification Request Form.  As the new electronic request option becomes available to more license types, they will be added to the list provided below.
  • License types currently able to access the “Online Electronic Verification System”: 
    • General Medical Radiologic Technologist
    • Limited Medical Radiologic Technologist
    • Non-Certified Radiologic Technician Registry
    • Respiratory Care Practitioner
    • Medical Physicist
    • Perfusionist