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Continuing Education for Pain Management Clinics


Board Rule 195.3(d), the medical director or owner/operator of the pain management clinic, must on annual basis, ensure all personnel are properly licensed and, if applicable, have the requisite training to include 10 hours of continuing medical education (CME) annually in the area of pain management.  This CME requirement applies to all personnel providing medical services to the patients (including, but not limited to: PAs, x-ray techs, phlebotomists, RNs, MAs, etc.).  Office staff, such as managers, janitors, etc. who do not provide medical services, would not be required to meet the CME requirement, but would need to be listed in response to a pain clinic audit which requires listing all clinic personnel for that clinic. 


Documentation of the completed CME course shall be required to be made available upon request by Board Staff, including, but not limited to, during an on-site audit of the clinic, or during the certificate renewal process.  The Board does have the authority to conduct audits and inspections at clinics to ensure compliance with all requirements and regulations pertaining to registered pain clinics, including audits of CME training as required.


Documentation of CME courses shall be made available to the Board upon request but should not be mailed with the registration. CME audits will be conducted to assure compliance.


Please contact the Registration Department at if you have any additional questions.