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Strategic Plans

Texas state agencies' strategic plans are formal documents that communicate agency goals, directions, and outcomes to various audiences, including the Governor and the Legislature, client and constituency groups, the public, and agency employees. These plans provide information about current agency operations as well as being forward-looking documents.  

In conjunction with strategic plans, agencies are also required to provide reports on customer service.



TMB Strategic Plan FY 19-23 (2018)

TMB Strategic Plan FY 17-21 (2016)

TMB Strategic Plan FY 15-19 (2014)

TMB Strategic Plan FY 13-17 (2012)

TMB Strategic Plan FY 11-15 (2010)

TMB Strategic Plan FY 09-13 (2008)



FY14 TMB Customer Service Report June1-2014

FY12 TMB Customer Service Report June1-2012

*As of 2016, Customer Service Reports are included as an appendix to Strategic Plans