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Proposed Rule Changes

The Board’s rulemaking process follows all required steps for notice and publication in the Texas Register including opportunities for public comment. Rule drafting and proposed rule changes include input from a wide variety of stakeholders based on periodic stakeholder meetings. 

The frequency of rulemaking in any given year varies depending on the volume of newly passed legislation, the number of rule chapters open for review and comment based on state requirements for rule review, and any petitions for rulemaking raised by stakeholders.



Click on the links below to access proposed rules approved by the Board for publication in the Texas Register and available for public comment. Proposed rules take approximately three weeks or longer following a Board meeting to appear in the Texas Register.  

Board Rule Changes Proposed (Medical Board)


Board Rule Changes Proposed (Physician Assistant Board)


Board Rule Changes Proposed (Acupuncture Board)


Board Rule Changes Proposed (Medical Radiologic Technology Board)


Board Rule Changes Proposed (Respiratory Care Board)



Those who would like to submit written comments on proposed rules published in the Texas Register for review by the Board should send them via the contact information provided below. 

Typically, the deadline for submitting written comments before a Board meeting is five business days.  In addition to written public comments received after rule publication in the Texas Register, there is always opportunity for public comment at Board meetings when proposed rules are presented to the Board for possible adoption. 

Contact Information for Comments: 

By mail to: Texas Medical Board

                     Rules Development

                     P.O. Box 2018

                     Austin, TX 78768-2018

By email to:

By fax to: (512) 305-7051, Attention: Rules Development

Or by phone: (512) 305-7016.