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Public Health Topics

Poison Control Information

Senate Bill 144, passed in the 78th Legislature (2003), created a requirement that certain healthcare practitioners and healthcare licensing agencies provide information regarding poison control services to their licensees.

Click on the following link to access an educational pamphlet containing information about Texas Poison Control Network services: Poison Control Network Brochure

HIV and Hepatitis Information

Licensees are expected to comply with the requirements of section 85.201-85.206 of the Texas Health and Safety Code, which requires all health care workers to know their HIV status.

Our licensing rules require all acupuncturists to successfully complete a Clean Needle Technique course and practical written examination as a prerequisite for licensure. (See Board Rules, Chapter 183.)

Disease Reporting Requirements - Department of State Health Services 

For FAQs and information about HIV/AIDS and STD reporting by health care providers, visit:

Tick-Borne Disease Information

Zika Virus Resources

Human Trafficking Resources

Health care providers have a unique opportunity to become the first point of contact in identifying individuals who have been trafficked. The Texas Human Trafficking Resource Center is a statewide directory connecting Health and Human Services staff, healthcare providers, stakeholders and potential victims of human trafficking to local, state and national resources to identify and help people affected by human trafficking.

For more information, and available resources, visit: